It seems us cancer patients spend a lot of time (precious time) waiting.  Waiting for appointments, waiting for tests, waiting (the worst) for test results.  I had a triple phase CT Scan on Monday.  Today is Wednesday.  I’m still waiting…

While this may not seem like a long time, for me it is.  I really, really miss my old insurance.  My results would be posted online.  Sometimes the same day!  I’m just not used to waiting.  I also had this scan after my visit with my Oncologist, not before (as is usual) so I don’t have a “date” as to when I would definitely get the results.  The reason I had it after my appointment?  Well… at my previous appointment with him, he said if my blood work (tumor markers, etc.) stayed good then I wouldn’t need a scan.  At this last appointment, he said, “oh, it’s been a year.  We don’t want to go longer so lets get a scan.”  Um, ok.  Make up your freakin mind!

My new insurance did away with their patient portal for test results, etc., right after I joined.  I was very disappointed.  I don’t know why they did it unless it was cost.  The hospital where I had the scan does have a patient portal that lists your results but when I had my diagnostic mamo, it took about a week before they showed up.  I may call my clinic today and see if they have the results yet.  We (my Onc and I) are not expecting anything much from this scan but the worry remains.  I know it serves no purpose to worry about it.  It is what it is…  but I’m. Still. Worried.

This is my first post on WordPress.  I’m thinking of moving my blog over from blogspot.  I’m not very “techy” so I’m not sure if I can figure out how to do it.  I can’t even figure out how to add a picture here!

A brief history of my cancer diagnosis.  I have gastrointestinal carcinoid cancer that had spread to my liver on diagnosis.  I am stage IV.  I’ve had two surgeries.  Without getting into a lot of detail here, I’ll just say that I had most of the tumors surgically removed and was stable (remaining tumors had not grown) on my last scan (Feb. 3rd, 2014).  I will post an update once I get the results from my latest scan.

Until then…

Remember that everyday you wake up is a good day!


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