F is for….

Frustrating…  I bet you thought I meant something else!

I called my cancer clinic yesterday to see if they had my scan results.  I got a call back a couple of hours later.  The twat, twit that returned my call wasn’t even the nurse!  I think it was one of the front desk girls.  While I appreciated the prompt return call, I was taken aback by her inability to tell me much.  I am frustrated because she said they didn’t compare this scan to my last scan because it was done at a different hospital (did I change insurance?) duh…  OK, why couldn’t they get my scan when they had NO problem comparing my past mammograms from said hospital?  I had my last diagnostic mammo at this same hospital that I had my recent scan.  I had my past mammo’s at the hospital I had my last scan (a year ago).  It makes no sense to me.  Probably not to you now either!

So, getting to the results. it sounds like I’ve actually had “lesions” in my liver disappear!  Great news so why am I not happy?  This twat twit asked me if a millimeter was bigger than a centimeter!  Pre-cancer I wouldn’t have known either. How big are these remaining “lesions?” The only one she commented on was 9 mm, which is pretty small.  Last scan they were 1.2 cm or smaller.  I had around 10 but even my oncologist said we couldn’t be sure what they were.  Hmmm, I’ve had a surgeons hands on/in my liver cutting out what he could, ablating some and leaving the rest so I think we know what they are!  Anyhoo, she did say she would put the report on my oncologists desk as he wasn’t in the office.  OK.  I seriously doubt I will hear from him, which is fine.  I’m good.  I’ll get the report one of these days on MyChart.  She did mention that I have a fibroid.  Argh.  I had one removed a year and a half ago (or so) when I went it for a uterine ablation due to continued/heavy bleeding.  It hadn’t shown up on my scan nor did it show on ultrasound but my GYN said it was about the size of my uterus and most likely causing the bleeding.  After removing the fibroid, she tried to do the ablation but couldn’t because my uterus was done with that!  It said, “nope, no more hands and machines in there.”  It did stop my bleeding so I was ok with that.  The twat twit told me I should follow-up with my GYN.  She said it was near in or on my right ovary.  Can fibroids grow on your ovaries?  I thought they were just in your uterus.  Guess I’ll Dr Google that one.  I’m sad I can’t go back to the OBGYN who did my last procedure due to my job and insurance changing.  She was awesome and I really liked her. I felt more compassion and concern from her than I do from any of my other doctors!  I haven’t found another one.  I’ll just wait and see what the report really says.

A long story for what is basically good news!  I’m still not happy.


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