A Quickie…

Not that kind of quickie!

A quick update on my scan results.  Since I am an impatient patient person, I called the hosptial and asked if I could get a copy of my scan and the report.  They told me it wouldn’t be available until Monday so I canned my cancer clinic and asked them if I could swing by and pick up a copy of the written report.  It’s closer anyway.  I just wasn’t feeling very confident after talking to the twat twit from their office regarding said results.

Doesn’t sound like any of my “lesions” have disappeared!  I still have “multiple, small lesions through all lobes of the liver.” They measured 3 of them (she made it sound like I only had 3 and didn’t give me the correct measurements of the biggest).  My last scan said they were all 1.2 centimeters or smaller.  The biggest now measure 1.4 x 1.6 centimeters, which is not much growth. The other two mentioned are just shy of a centimeter.  Nothing to be worried about with Carcinoid like mine, which is slow growing.  I do feel better since reading the results “with my own eyes.”

I hope everyone has a lovely 3 day weekend (if you are in the States).


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