Butt dart #99

No. I don’t know how many Sandostatin shots I’ve had. I refuse to count them. One every 28 days. For going on 3 years now. They keep me stable and I have few side-affects so I’ll keep getting them until they stop working or something better comes along. At $17K a pop, they better work!


5 thoughts on “Butt dart #99

  1. Ed says:

    Butt Dart – That’s funny. Maybe our symbol shouldn’t be a zebra? Maybe it should be a target on our butts? 😛 Well, thank goodness it’s working for you. My doctor is talking about putting me on lanreotride. (I think that’s how you spell it). He is saying that the Afinitor that he has me on may be losing effectiveness. He’s also talking about a liver embolization (bland). Also, I just read that the nanoknife might be effective in removing liver mets. It’s crazy….

    • SharLar6074 says:

      Ed, Yes! A target would be a good one! I’ve heard good things about bland embolizations, especially if you may be a candidate for future PRRT. There is also the chemo combo cap/tem that many are on with good results–you may want to ask your doc about that too. I’ve also heard about nanoknife and while few places do it, it has great results as well. I hope you are doing good otherwise!

      • Ed says:

        Did the Cap/Tem – didn’t work but my doctor didn’t use the exact same dosages as the clinical trials which drove me crazy. So, now I don’t really know if it would’ve worked or not. I might push him to try again. He said it wouldn’t make a difference but…..my mind doesn’t accept that. I”m on a 1 week break from the chemo. So…feeling OK. 🙂 I’ll be going back on next monday after my son goes back to school. Kindergarten! 😀

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