3 Year Cancerversary!

My 3 year cancerversary came and went…  It was June something or other (they say you never forget the date you are diagnosed with cancer but I can never remember the exact date)!  It was also the 3 year surgerversary (new word alert) of my right hemicolectomy on July 2nd (I’ve not forgotten that date).  I watched the fireworks from my hospital room on July 4th of 2012.  It was an awesome show as I could see about ten different fireworks display’s across the valley.  I had the perfect view.  I remember feeling very lonely though.  No one came back to watch them with me but I was under orders from my nurse to spend at least an hour out of my bed so I sat in the window seat and watched.

I never gave an update after my appointment with my new Gynecologist.  I liked her but she didn’t’ really do anything for me.  She said my breast lumps were just cysts and to get my yearly mamo as planned.  Couldn’t tell me anything about the possible fibroid on my ovary but I’m not too concerned with that one.  I will see what the next scan shows, if anything.  She does want me to go see an Internist.  I’m not sure why now–I can’t remember but I’m going on the 15th. I think it was to discuss my fatigue, as she felt it could be my thyroid even though my test come back fine (I’m on Synthroid).  She said there is another med you can add that seems to help people feel a lot better.  We also talked about my blasted hot flashes and about taking Effexor for them.  I guess Effexor can cause high blood pressure and since mine has been high and I am now on meds for it, she didn’t want to give it to me.  She told me about some other options and I guess I’ll push this new Internist to give me a script for something.  I am excited to get another doctor (not)!  Actually, I am because I won’t need any other doctor except my oncologist.  I won’t actually have to go back to the Gynecologist if I don’t want too because this Internist can do everything!  Now I hope I like her.  I think I will be her first patient at this location.  They have just added her to their providers and she’s only going to be at this hospital once a week.  She’s regularly at another location in the valley.

I’m planning (hoping) to get my thyroid checked–the whole panel and see about something for my hot flashes as they seem to be more intense and I’m miserable.  I still feel it is not carcnoid related but you never know.  I go in on the 21st for my blood work.  CgA, Pancreastatin and all the regular stuff.  Pancreastatin takes 3 weeks to come back since it goes to ISI, a specialty lab.

I do have an insurance updated but I’ll save that one for later–I’m at work at need to get some stuff done!  Plus it’ll make my blood pressure go up (which by the way, has been quite low lately–guess my meds are working).

Tell next time…