Memorial Speaking

Aquarius vs. Cancer

Yesterday, I spoke at a memorial service for the first time, A Living Legacy Memorial Celebration for Marcy Westerling.

MW bike

I have experience with public speaking and lately the topic revolves around my experiences living with metastatic lung cancer. Now, 4-years plus living in cancer land, I can get through the highs and lows with little emotional response. Not the case yesterday at the memorial.

Crafting my speech I second-guessed nearly every line I typed. I struggled to find the perfect words. SW reminded me ‘be you, that’s what Marcy would want’. Attempting to abort the entire difficult endeavor, I sent an email to the co-organizer saying I’d be happy to step down if they had too many speakers. Nope. I was speaking and near the end after a video of Marcy, just before Mike, Marcy’s spouse.  ….okay…?!

I spoke my standard ‘short, to the point, make you laugh, make you…

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