Neuroendocrine Cancer – Signs, Symptoms, Syndromes and Suspicions

A great post by Ronny Allan!

Ronny Allan - Living with Neuroendocrine Cancer

A book listing all the possibly symptoms of NETs A book listing all the possible symptoms of NETs

A couple of months ago, I received a request from a reader asking if I would blog about all the symptoms experienced by a Neuroendocrine Cancer (NET Cancer) patient and how to sort out what is and what isn’t associated with the cancer.  I just finished the post in the form of a book – picture attached 🙂

Joking aside, NET Cancer in all its forms is a very complex disease.  It is not easy to diagnose and not easy to manage.  I really feel for anyone who is going through a difficult diagnosis or has been diagnosed and then continues to have numerous problems with symptoms after treatment.  However, I also have a little bit of sympathy for medical staff on the basis this is just one of over 200 types of cancer, many of which have wide age groupings adding to the complexity and…

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