MRI-cervical spine

I saw my ortho doc and told him I didn’t feel like the steroids helped.  Actually, what I said was that I really missed my celebrex!  He was shocked.  He said that the steroids should have helped much better and quicker with the pain/discomfort than the celebrex.  He thought I should have an MRI to make sure I don’t have any bulging or herniated disks.  X-rays don’t show the disk spaces (?).

They had me go in on Saturday.  I went to an imaging center and not the hospital, which was great (and cheaper but that doesn’t matter since it didn’t cost me anything having met my deductible and out-of-pocket maximum, ((thank you Sandostatin!)).  It was a nice place with super nice staff.  The MRI wasn’t too bad. It was a little different than I remembered.  I remember a lot of noise but this noise was different.  I’m sure it’s just my memory of the last one.  I did get to listen to music, which helps.  I didn’t open my eyes much, I was concentrating on holding very still.  The tech said I did a great job!  Woot, woot, give me an “A”.

I go in on Wednesday for results.  I’m not expecting it to show anything.  I don’t think I have the kind of pain I would if I actually had a herniated disk.  Guess I’ll find out.

I’m back on the celebrex so it’s feeling pretty good.  My hot flashes are still more intense and my heart still feels like it’s going to pound out of my check at times.  I don’t think those two issues were caused by the steroids although I read that they stay in your system for two weeks.  It’s been a week.  If it keeps up, I will tell my nurse when I go in on the 5th for my Sando shot.  See what she (or he) thinks.

I’m heading South for Christmas to see my sister and her family.  I’ll get to meet my newest great-nephews (twins) as well.  I’m excited to see these little surprise guys.  My niece was “done” with her family so these two were a BIG surprise.  We were all just so thankful that they were healthy and of good weight.  It’ll make Christmas extra special this year.

I will pop in and update you on the results of my MRI.

Merry Christmas!



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