Pain in the Neck

I went in on Wednesday for my cervical epidural injection.  I did have light sedation, although if I do it again, I think I could forgo it.  It was one of the quickest procedures I’ve ever had!  I was still at the pain clinic for almost two hours.  I got taken back to the prep room right away but then I sat there for what felt like an hour.  It probably wasn’t that long but close.  I think they were waiting for the doctor to get there.  I really liked him.  He was fairly young.  Probably 35ish.  He said he has done about 25,000 of these!

It was painless and I went home and took a nice nap.  Then my sister and I went and saw Star Wars again.  We have a renovated theater by the house that has all reclining seats now so we wanted to check it out.  Very comfortable.

The steroids take 3-5 to really work so we shall see.  So far, it feels fine.  I do have some pain today.

On the cancer front, I got my Chromogranin A test results back.  This is one of the markers they track that coincides with tumor growth (in some).  Mine actually dropped a point to 2!  Normal range is 0-5.  It’s been in the normal range since after my liver surgery.  I’m still waiting on the pancreastatin test, which is a better indicator of possible progression.  I’m sure it will be within the normal range what with the CgA being normal as well.

My triple phase CT is scheduled for the 29th and I meet with my oncologist on Feb/ 2nd. I will update you after that!


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