CT Scan Results

I had my triple phase CT Scan on the 29th.  Met with my new Oncologist on the 2nd.  He was very nice.  Different from my old oncologist — must more boisterous.  I did really like him though. I was impressed that he seemed to have actually read my history.  Not word-for-word, I’m sure but he had the pertinent facts down!

My scan showed stabled disease.  It pretty much couldn’t get better (okay, may if those tumors disappeared)!  We decided that since my pancreastatin went up 90 points (this can be an early indication of progression or active disease) it is now above normal, I’ll have my blood work done again in 3 months and see him after the results come in.  It takes about 7-10 days for the pancreastatin to get back.  It goes to a specialty lab in California.  Odd is my CgA went down another 2 points to a “2”, which is NORMAL!  Of course, all of my blood work has pretty much been normal since I had my liver surgery (3 years the 21st) with the exception of my creatinine clearance, which has been below normal for a long time now.  No one seems concerned or can even really explain it to me.