No News is…well, boring!

Haven’t written lately because I don’t really have anything to say!  I do have a follow-up with my oncologist next week.  We did blood work 3 weeks ago to check that pancreastatin that had gone up to above normal (was 94 and went to 182; the normal range is 0-135). My CgA was again normal and pancreastatin went down to 146 so slightly above normal.  The rest of my blood work was fabulous, as usual!  LOL.

I did go to Hawaii a month ago with my sister and her husband.  It was nice but it would have been better if it had just been my sister and I.  My friend was supposed to go with us–it was a couples thing.  He ended up not going at the last minute and I got stuck with paying his share of the condo along with mine.  Long story.

I did get to check something off of my “live-it” list.  We went on a helicopter tour!

Napali Coast-helicopter.jpg


I am so glad I did it. Below is me, my sister and her husband!

Helicopter Tour-3

Hanalei Bay Seesters.jpg

My sister and I at Hanalei Bay.

I’ll check in after my apt. if there is anything to report!