Thoughts on Scans

I have my 6 month CT Scan this morning.  I wasn’t really anxious at all about it.  After all, it is what it is. Why get overly worried about the results when I have no control over them.  Don’t get me wrong, I totally understand Scanxiety and where that comes from.  Especially for more aggressive cancers.  That is anxiety and then some!  I HATE waiting for results.  I loved my old insurance’s online portal because they would post my results within a day or two.  They didn’t wait for the doctor to sign off on them or whatever they do now.

I had changed my apt. to have this scan at different location.  I was in the imaging center one Saturday to pick up my cervical MRI and I asked her how their scheduled looked for today. I was scheduled at the hospital where I’ve gotten the last two or three.  This other place is just an imaging center.  It’s small, quiet and everyone is super friendly.  I need to try and get in earlier so I could get to work.  We had a lot going on today.  I did get in earlier and got to work with plenty of time to get ready for my meetings. Whew.

What I was really thinking about-scan wise, is how we try to gleam something from the tech when we’re done.  Are they acting weird? Super friendly?  Different at all?  Make eye contact or avoid it? Did they see something HORRIBLE?   I bet we all do this.

I’ve only had this happen once.  One time, at a different center, the tech came running out after me to see if I could come back because the radiologist saw something in my liver (they were doing a scan of my lungs, looking for pulmonary embolism).  Granted, I was 3 weeks post liver surgery.  I went back in, hopped up on the table and they shot some more pictures.  The tech then asked me if I wanted to see it.  I was like, hell yes!  I did have some large pockets of air and/or gas, or even infection.  It turned out to be nothing but it really did make me worry.

Thinking back, I’ve only had one tech that was not friendly at all.  I believe she was suffering from morning sickness that day.  I know she didn’t want to hook me up for the contrast and another tech came in and did that.  She had the prettiest red hair….




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