Mable is still my friend…

Stable Mable.  That’s me!  Still stable after 3+ years.  I consider my stability from the time of my liver resection.

Interesting what showed up on my scan.  Subacute fracture of the 8th rib!  Ha… that is why I’ve had right-sided rib pain.  I know when it happened too.  Something “popped” one day while I bent over to move a bucket of water.  Bam!  Hurt like hell for about a week and it’s hurt ever since.  My Oncologist didn’t even tell me about it.  I saw it on the written report while in his office.  I said oh, wow!  Broken rib.  He said that it didn’t have anything to do with my cancer–totally blew it off.  He did ask me if I had fallen or anything.  I told him what happened.  I also have a globular lesion in my butt cheek!  Hahaha.  That one made me laugh.  I’m sure that’s from a Sando shot so I’m not worried about it.  The report say’s possible metastatic disease but I know others who get these on scans and they are from the shots.

They did do ALL my blood work so should get my CgA and Pancreastatin back in a couple of weeks. Everything else is completely normal.

The next day, I had an appointment with my GP for a prescription refill.  I told her about the rib fracture and she was quite concerned because I really didn’t do anything that should have broken my rib.  I guess it’s actually quite rare to break a rib from a non-traumatic injury.  She is worried about my bones.  Osteoporosis.  I am going in for a DEXA scan next week.  It’s super fast and like getting an x-ray from what I read. I’m small boned and don’t take calcium much so ???




7 thoughts on “Mable is still my friend…

  1. Ronny Allan says:

    I think I’ve done the same with the rib, probably number 8! Trying to reach down to the floor from a computer chair, the armrest or the rib, the armrest won! Scan not due for another 2 months.

  2. SharLar6074 says:

    Oh fun! Will get find out soon and yes. We are NET buddies! Funny thing, one of the other patients in our support group was dx’d with osteoporosis (bad) and she’s a little younger than me. I wonder if it has anything to do with NETs? Probably not but…

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