It’s been a while!  I haven’t had much to share as it seems my days just run into one another.  Work, go home, walk dogs, watch tv.  Over and over again.  At least I have the chance.  So many do not.  I’ve lost two friends from work the past year (both breast cancer). One only had 8 months.  I know there are several different “types” of breast cancer.  She has one of the super rare super aggressive types.  i can’t pronounce the name of it or do I even remember.  My boss said it’s more like a sarcoma.  It did not respond to chemo or radiation at all.

On my health front, not much has been going on until recently.  I’ve been feeling very nauseated off and on throughout the day (even wakes me up occasionally), tired and weak.  I made an appointment with my internal med doc mainly to get my blood pressure checked.  After talking with her, she want to draw blood for blood chemistry, magnesium and a few other random things.  I had my CBC done two weeks ago at the cancer clinic and that was all good.  Well, for the first time ever, my liver enzymes are all high!  I read that liver problems can also make you nauseous.

I already have my yearly CT Scan scheduled and it is tomorrow!  At least we may know if anything is going on with those liver tumors.  I see the oncologist next week. I also just passed my 7 year cancerversary.  Crazy that it’s been that long already.  *side note, my Abbie girl turned 20 years old this week.  Abs was my horse that I had to re-home.  She has a great caretaker and I never have to worry about her.

Am I worried?  A little.  I know it is what it is and most likely this cancer will become active again some day.  Just hoping I can put that off a few more years.