PRRT is the Plan

I had a bad month in October. I just felt like crap. Flushing constantly (or at least it feels like it). I’m still not sure if it’s my hot flashes coming back with a vengeance or flushing. I am getting red/pink now whereas I didn’t before (except my ears would turn purple).

I saw the PA at the cancer clinic and she was so kind and caring. She ordered another Gallium Scan and off I went. I went in this morning to meet with my oncologist and the scan report said mostly the same, some tumors are bigger but have less uptake. I don’t really know what that means. The report did mention a lymph node that is lighting up somewhere by my esophagus. No change from last scan–um, this wasn’t even mentioned in the last scan report. Once again, no effort made by my oncologist to show me the scan. I didn’t even ask.

I decided that I am moving ahead with PRRT. I have no idea how long the process is to get it. I didn’t leave feeling very confident that the clinic really knew what they were doing. I’m not sure why. I know others who go there that have had PRRT. I’ve sent an email to one to ask him how long it took before he actually got it. I didn’t even ask about liver only directed therapy. I had pretty much decided on my own that PRRT was better as a first line treatment. If the veins/arteries feeding the tumors are damaged, from say, liver embolization’s, then the PRRT will not be as effective. I can still do liver directed therapy after PRRT without any damage being done to the veins so…

I also had a cervical nerve stimulator test done for my cervical (neck) pain. It didn’t work as well as I hoped it would but it did help by reducing my pain by about 50% -70%. The doc feels this is enough to go ahead and get the real deal. I have that getting approved and scheduled but I told them I was in no hurry and it didn’t need to happen before the end of the year since my insurance year is July-June. Other patients are trying to get in before their insurance reboots Jan. 1st and I didn’t want to take up an OR spot when I can wait. Aren’t I nice???

I’m hoping I can get the first treatment of PRRT done before the end of the year. They have to time it with my lanreotide shot–or just before my shot is due. They need my tumor receptors to be “hungry” for the radioactive somostatin analog they will be injecting. I’ve heard this treatment described as liquid radiation. I like it.

So this is where I’m at. Waiting…

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