Surgery blues

I’m scheduled for my Cervical Nerve Block implant on Dec. 21st. Sooner than I though it would be. I usually don’t get too nervous before surgeries and procedures but this time I am. What with my tumors being more “active” and my constant flushing episodes, I’m worried about Carcinoid Crisis.

Carcinoid crisis causes a severe episode of flushing, low blood pressure, confusion and breathing difficulty. Carcinoid crisis can occur in people with carcinoid tumors when they are exposed to certain triggers, including anesthetic used during surgery. Carcinoid crisis can be fatal.


Read that last sentence again….

Yup, fatal. Carcinoid crisis can be fatal. My concern is really that this surgery is scheduled for the day before my Lanreotide shot! I wish it was the day after. You might ask, why not go get it a day early? Great question. The answer is super simple. Insurance won’t pay for it even one day early! That’s an $18,000 shot. Not something I can afford to pay out of pocket.

My best plan is to talk to the anesthesiologist right before surgery about have a plan in case of CC (Carcinoid Crisis. There is a protocol for CC.

Treatment of a carcinoid crisis should consist of blocking the release of the mediators from tumor tissue by administering somatostatin analogs, such as octreotide (20,23). In the acute situation, 100–500 μg of octreotide can be safely administered intravenously 

I’ve never had issues before but since my tumors are being naughty, I need to make sure they take precautions. I wish it was standard protocol to meet with the anesthesiologist a day or two before and not as they are wheeling you into the operating room (ok, probably right before).

I’m waiting for a call from the hospital on when to go in to get a Covid and MRSA test. Both are nasal swabs. I’ve had the MRSA test before and it’s no big deal but I’ve heard some people say the Covid test feels like a brain swab.

I’m also waiting for insurance approval for PRRT. I don’t know how long that will take. I was hoping to get my first treatment before my January shot. They like to do it right before so the tumors are “hungry” for that radioactive peptide!

With Christmas less than two weeks away, I want to wish everyone a very Merry and I hope you can enjoy the Holiday even with the COVID restrictions.

All my best, Sharon

One thought on “Surgery blues

  1. maxwellthedog says:

    Wish that the holidays were not so challenging for you. Fingers and paws crossed that your surgery will be very successful and without complications. I guess you can’t even have a glass of eggnog, huh? As for insurance – that’s like talking about The Grinch.


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