One down, three to go!

I’m a little late posting an update about my first PRRT treatment. First, I’d like to say it went off without a hitch (or hiccup)!

I was there from 8am until 3pm. Long day but it went by quite fast. My nurse, Jen, was awesome! She checked on me just the right amount. Not too much to be annoying!

When I first arrived, she had me change my clothes. I wore a hospital gown with paper-like shorts under it! Plus paper booties. The don’t like you wearing your own clothes as the radiation might stay in them longer then they like. Next time, I am taking some hospital socks I have and then I’ll just throw them away. The paper booties didn’t want to stay on.

After the change of clothes, she started my two iv’s. One in each arm. They use one just for the Lutathera (radioactive material, which was clear and in a glass bottle like you would see insulin or something).

She then started some anti-nausea meds and an antihistamine (non-drowsy).

Then after about an hour (I think) they started the amino acids, which protect the kidneys since Lutathera likes to accumulate in the kidneys (which isn’t good). I had that infusion for an hour before they brought in the Lutathera. It was very interesting how they administered it. I will try to remember to take a picture next time. They use gravity for the infusion. The bottle was put into another container (probably lead-lined) and a long needle was inserted into the top of the bottle. Then another needle was inserted that went to my saline solution iv bag. The slow release of the saline, into the Lutathera bottle, pushed the drug into my IV. It took about 35-40 minutes. I had two radiation techs plus my nurse in the room with me during this time. They continually checked the radiation levels going out from the bottle and then into my arm. It was pretty cool.

After that finished, it was 3 more hours of amino acids. Then we waited another hour and she gave me my lanreotide shot. They found it’s better to give it the day of Lutathera over waiting until the next day as patients were having some carciniod crisis symptoms the day following Lutathera. Something like that.

I have pictures but haven’t figured out how to insert them! If anyone has a quick tutorial, send it my way!

Until next time. Stay safe out there!

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