I’m late with my update…

I realized I never did update my 2nd round of PRRT. That’s mainly because everything went just fine. It was a slightly shorter day (whew). We were done by 2:30pm. The 3rd round is planned for April 29th. I felt ok afterwards. My throat was sore for a few days and my stomach was, again, sour. Fatigue is a little worse but I’m taking pain meds throughout the day so it could be those.

My creatinine has been hovering around 50-53 and it has to stay above 50 or they will not do the next round. My GP took me off Celebrex due to thinking it was affecting my kidneys. Since then, I have been incredibly miserable from cervical neck pain. I am shocked at how much the Celebrex was helping me. I even went back to the pain clinic and had another occipital nerve block, hoping it would help. It hasn’t. The pain doc told me to take more pain pills if I need to. I’m so mad. I had the nerve stimulator implant so that I wouldn’t have to take more and more pain pills. Now I’m in that (slowly sinking) boat anyway.

Oncologist appointment this week. I don’t know if they will do bloodwork. They usually do when I see him. Hopefully, since I’m off the Celebrex, my creatine will be better. I forgot to mention that it has been “below normal” for years…

Stay well, stay safe!

Here’s a cute picture of my dog Sookie. Just for fun.

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