3 out of 4

I’m not sure how I feel about round 4. Part of me is wanting to “get er done” and part of me is dreading it. I’m still not sure I’m recovered from round 3 and it’s been over two weeks.

Round 3 went well. They had to use a different supplier for the amino acids as their usual one we out. I think this “brand” was easier on me as I didn’t have a headache or stomach pain the next day. I’m pretty sure what side effects I’m having are from the actual Lutathera (radioactive drug). It makes sense that the affect would be cumulative as they are with most chemo/radiation treatments.

Side Effects

My tummy is still on/off sour. I’m occasionally nauseous. I’m very tired most days but it is getting better.

I hope by round 4 (final) I’ll be feeling 100% (well, as much as I ever feel 100%–my 100% is probably 70% of a truly healthy person).

On another note, Utah has lifted the mask mandate! I’m fully vaccinated but will continue to mask-up where required (some grocery stores, etc.). I will admit to loving it when I can go in somewhere without a mask. I hate them. I know some people will continue to wear them regardless of the mandates. I can understand their point of view but it’s definitely not for me!

I see my oncologist next week. I’m sure it’s a “how are you feeling” and a total waste of time. Blood work will be two weeks after that to see if round 4 is a go. I’m feeling fairly positive that it will be! Its actually gone by really fast.

Until next time…

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