4th and Last PRRT

I’m a bit late posting about my last peptide receptor radiation therapy (PRRT). Mainly due to there not be much to report! Everything went fine and I only have one blown vein (instead of 5).

The side affects are about the same. Sour stomach and I’m pretty tired. One new issue is I get dizzy when I exert myself (even walking upstairs at home). My blood count was low before this last treatment so I’m guessing they are even lower. I don’t go back to the oncologist until the 22nd. I guess they will check my blood counts then. I’ve been taking B-12 and it helps a little with the fatigue.

This is what they gave me when I was all finished for the day! Too bad it wasn’t real Champaign!

June 18th was actually my 9th Cancerversary! Hard to believe I’ve had this cancer for 9 years. I may have to dedicate a post just to that.

That’s all for now. I hope you are all well and stay cool if you are caught in the heat wave we’ve been having across certain parts of the country!

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