January 7th I’m scheduled for my first round of PRRT. I’ll be radioactive girl for 3 days after! I have to stay away from people, kids, and pets for that time. I can be around adults, for short periods but not pregnant women! I’ve decided it’ll be easier to have my sister stay here with my dogs, cat and fishies rather then find people to watch them. I’m going to go stay at a hotel. It’ll be a mini-vacation! I just hope I feel ok.

I had my cervical nerve stimulator surgery on Dec. 21st. Everything went well and I was home later that day, however, I got super sick Tuesday. I had a slight headache all day and threw up my lunch. After I logged off work for the day (working from home), I laid down and slept for about an hour. After I got up, I still had a headache but decided to try and eat something. That didn’t go too well. I ate about half my dinner and then threw that up too! My head started to feel like it was going to split open. I threw up several more times that evening and twice I got up after going to bed and threw up. About 11pm I realized I may be having a spinal headache. That is where there is a hole in the epidural space and spinal fluid is leaking out. I wish I had thought about it earlier. I might have tried to find someone to take me to the ER. I was that sick. I don’t remember ever throwing up that hard. I felt like I was puking my stomach lining. Seriously, it was straight acid. Any who, I survived and I felt a bit better the next day. I still had a little headache but it got better as the day went on. This was Wednesday. I had to go into the cancer clinic for blood work to make sure everything was A-OK for PRRT. It is so it’s a go!

I have two incisions from my nerve stimulator implant. One is right between my shoulder blades and the other is on my left side. It’s very sore but getting better. I go in this Wednesday for my follow-up. I hope they can take the steri-strips off. They’re starting to itch but aren’t coming off much on there own!

I’ll let you know how PRRT, round one, goes after the 7th! Fingers crossed I won’t get too nauseous or throw-up!

P.S. I ordered me a t-shirt from Amazon that say’s “Hug me, I’m Radioactive”! Can’t wait to wear it!!!

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